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by john darrah on Payday Loan Debt Relief
fantastic company

I got in over my head with payday loans, and really didn't know what to do, thank God i found pldr, great company to work with, and handled all my payday loan affairs and what a big financial realief that was to me. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone who is looking to consolidate their payday loans. Do it now and get out from under these pay day lenders.

Thank you John! We appreciate your trust in our firm and so glad you are out of the"payday loan debt trap"

Very Happy!

I had $25000 payday loans and installment loans with 9 lenders. This company was able to convince 8 to work with them to pay off all loans.. in 16 months! I worked with Debi and Shea. This company was a godsend. They are very trustworthy!

So glad to hear you are out of the "payday loan trap" As you know what we do works and wish more people knew about getting help.

by Patricia Burcham on Payday Loan Debt Relief

This was a great process with no issues. It was quick worked within my budget. I would recommend this company.

We are so happy to hear our program helped you! If you ever need anything let us know.

Quick and Easy

This process was so quick and easy. They worked within my budget and settled my debt for well below what I owed. I recommend this program to anyone drowning in payday loans.

So glad we could help you out of this "payday loan trap" We appreciate your review as well!

Super Excited

This is my first review. I'll be adding others throughout the duration of my loans being paid off however after speaking to Debi and Shae and doing my research i'll begin today. I feel very confident starting this process and thank you ladies for taking your time with me over the phone and through email. I've read many of the reviews and I must say you are very legitimate so I look forward to posting more good things about you all shortly.

We are also excited to have you with us! You will also be receiving signed agreements from your lenders as we go along. Anything you need please call us Corey

by Donna wallace on Payday Loan Debt Relief

This place was awesome got me out of a horrible mess i want to say shae was absolutely the best to work with the company saved me thank you all so much

Donna, thank you so uch for your trust in us. We will always do the best for all our clients

AMAZING! Such a relief!!!!!

I was stuck in a horrible payday trap and could not get out. Just when I though things couldn't get any worse, life happened and I ended up in deeper debt and unable to make payments. I stumbled across PLDR and I am so glad that I made the call. Debi, Shae & Nicole were awesome! Shae...I have no words to express my gratitude for your fabulous negotiating skills and your amazing results!!! Everyone at PLDR was super supportive and answered every single one of my questions. The process was painless and completed quickly...before I knew it, I was on my way to life without these horrible loans. I am finally able to breathe again and moving forward in a positive direction. I would recommend PLDR to anyone caught in this situation and needing assistance to get out of the vicious cycle. THANK YOU!!!!

Thank you for your trust in our firm! We take your debt seriously and we are able to work with almost every lender out there to keep our clients safe from high interest loans.

by V. Merchant on Payday Loan Debt Relief
Not Trustworthy! Did NOT Pay Off My Loans

Please don't buy into the hype! I will be filing a complaint with the BBB regarding this company as well as reporting this company to Ripoff Report.

I applied in 2013, and I thought ALL of my payday loan debt would be paid off and in the clear. What I found out was that this company would pay the agreed upon amount here and there, but never pay off the loan completely. Some of the payday loans I submitted they did not pay AT ALL. As a matter of fact, I just got off the phone with One Click Cash, and they informed me that the amount I owed them in 2013 was NEVER paid off. So, David and his company are frauds!

In fact, I sent an email to him before the last payment to his company was to come out, and I told him that he shouldn't take the last payment because m,sot of my payday loans remained unpaid. He knew he was in the wrong and felt guilty enough that he didn't take the last payment out. UNBELIEVABLE! Maybe he pays off a few people's payday loans, if they are small enough and few (perhaps between two to five), but he and his company are not forthcoming or up front about EVERYTHING! Most of my payday loans defaulted and became WRITE-OFFS, NOT PAID IN FULL. Please don't trust this company!!

Sadly, this client is correct in part of her reason for being upset. If she could have just called me back we could have handled this long ago. We sent all checks to Best Choice (proof of pmts made will be attached to BBB report if we can find them) Best Choice cashed the first four checks issued. The checks we sent them were all sent back at once to our PO Box as a deeper investigation found.after speaking with them In speaking with Best Choice, Sharon, she claims we are the number 1 consolidation company. Why would a lender say this if we were not legitimate? As well we made two pmts to One Click Cash and it looks now only one was cashed but they cant; tell us what happened to that payment or how it didnt get applied since the client filed BK. All Five (5) of her other lenders are completely paid off with cashed pmts etc. We made an error not getting the re payments back out to Best Choice. quickly enough after being mailed back a year later. We are at fault for that only. We don't need to take the clients few hundred dollars this amounted to. She claimed non payment before but found the cashed checks the lenders claimed they didnt get. We will issue a refund to client and offer our sincere apologies for any issues. If the client would have spoken to us we could have fixed this a long time ago back in 2015. Lenders confirmed paid off: Cash Net USA, Spot Loan, Payday Max, Plain Green and Great Plains. In dispute are: Best Choice and one payment for One Click. We have taken steps to make sure this doesn't happen again.

Awesome job! They helped me when no could find no help. I feel such a relief. Thanks

We really appreciate that Leslie! Working with lenders isn't so easy but we manage to help anyone who needs it. Thank you for your trust in our firm.

Kept thier word

I was set up on a biweekly plan and they took care of my 3 payday loans. I am payday loan free and so happy

That is great news Patti! Thanks for putting your trust in us.

by Peter Jones on Payday Loan Debt Relief
4 loans all paid off

I got in over my head. I had three payday loans that I was cycling through to pay off. I had to cash my paycheck to pay off the payday loans, and then immediately re-loan to pay off the other payday loans, and at the end of the process, I only say about half my paycheck and couldn't pay my other bills. I took out an online loan to try and pay them off, but fell right back into the same cycle again a few months later, and had a fourth loan payment on top of the three payday loans.This program worked. They stopped the payday loans and included the online loan in the program so I had one monthly payment I could afford to pay everything off. I had to close my old bank account to stop the payday loan companies from trying to cash the checks, but I have a better bank account now than my old bank.

Thank you so much for taking the time to commend our service! We appreciate your business and glad we can get you out of the payday loan trap.

by Teresa Lopez on Payday Loan Debt Relief
Stellar Performance

My life changed when I had a death in the family and so did my finances. I had been using Advance Financial AKA Harpeth Financial Services to help with my extra finacial problems..I aleays paid as scheduled then I wasnt able to pay at all. I immediately called advance financial and the corporate office prior to my next payment being due in March 2016. I also wanted to make sure that I wasnt going to run into any legal problems down the road. I searched online and found My Payday Loan Relief Debt Consolidation and felt somewhat relief. I went ahead and called and spoke with a young lady name Brittini who gave me all the informarion about using there agency and I ask tons of questions....I wanted to be sure of what I was getting into. Brittini assured me that once I signed with them, ( MPDLR) I would be safe as long as I did everything correctly. I was very skeptical and waited a whole month before I contacted them again. In the mean time , I was receiving emails asking if I was still interested in MPDLR. I felt sure ..this was the company I wantes to use..they assure me I would not be harrassedby Advance Financial or even be sued because they work with them in the past as long as I signed over Power Of Attorney and of course change my financial institution and set up monthy payment arrangements. That being said in done ..this is what happened..follow my timeline created by mypaydayloanrelief enrollment3:51pm- 3-7-16 document created by MPDLR3:51pm- 3-7-16 emailed to me for a review5:08pm- 3-7-16 viewed by me6:05pm- 3-10-16 document e-signed by me6:95pm- 3-10-16 signed document emailed to Mypaydayloanrelief Enrollment3-25-16 my first draft of 392.854-22-16 cleared payment5-22-16 cleared payment6-24-16 cleared payment7-22-16 cleared payment8-24-16 cleared payment9-23-16 cleared paymentOn September 23rd 2016 A civil warrant was issued and served on October 7th 2016. My court date was set for November 8th 2016 for a loan amout of 3,667.18 plus attorneys fee of 916.80 for a total of 4,583.98. I was shocked..didnt know what to say. I was very upset that I paid from 3-16 through 9-23-16. I immediately called MPDLR nibidy answered. I called for 3 days and no answer. I had left numerous messages. Finally I was called back on October the 10th and was told that a recent hurricane knock out the phone power,which there was a bad hurrican. I explaines the situation and was told my agreement was sent to Harpeth Financial Services. Inexplained to the representative that Global Solutions the company that drafted for MPDLR all cleared why did get served with court papers.The lady had no response except " The employee that does the financial agreement for payment arrangements quit and never followed through with my paper work .There was no exception for this and I needed some answers. I was thinking ..what do I do now..this company Global Solutions has already taken 2,672.00 without a missed payment. So I hit up youtube and seen tons of payday debt relief help but this one persons speaking kept getting ny attention. I kept going back and listening to video less than one minute explain how to eliminate a payday loan in less than 2 hours. So I called stomach was in knots and I was sick thinking..what if Im wrong! So I called: 1-877-280-5100 and Nobody answered go I kept trying...I know ..I called anout 10 times...tjen finally I git this sweet lady by the name of debbie answer my call. I immediately thought I was being punked. I explained that I wasnt a client but seen the clipling off youtubeand it was the correct number. So I took about one hourof her time...and she listened. I thought..I had been in a counseling session because I felt like a million bucks after talking with her and telling her my dilemma. So she told me to email everything I had on MPDLR. She called me back and told me step by step what I needed to do...I also told her I had a second payday loan I needed assistance with and she agsin took all my information and sent me an enrollment form to look at..I almost puked when she said over everything...get it back to us and we will send out notification to your paypay lender Speedy Cash. I did as she told me too and the next day I called Speedy Cash and of course my account was in the resolution department for collections. I had ask if my account was ok..and the response was "Yes" everything was taken care of.. WTH really...just line that. So I asked about Advance Financial. She told me to go to court and take all my documentation.Also to revoke my Power of Attorney with. my Payday Loan Relief Debt consolidation located on 4046 N. Goldenrof Road Winterpark, FL. dated on 10-7-2016 "Suspension, Termination and Cancellation. I also did the same with GlobalClient Solutions located on 4500 S.129th Ave Suite 177 Tulsa, Oklahoma 74134. I had both documents notarized and faxes to both Parties. On October 13th 2016 I received a refund in the amount of 2,672.00. I was sonexcited I took a picture and forward to Debbie. This was one step closer to getting my case dismissed. I truley believe if I had not called this new payday loan debt relief and Ms. Debbie did not tell me what I needed to do. I would have never gotten my money back. I still had to go to court on November the 8th and the lady representing Advance Financial looked at all my documents and said they was no proof that Advance Financial received any payments even though it had Cheadlw Law on each transaction. I offered her the money I received back from Global Client Solutions and she refused payment. Nothing I had in my documents asssured her my payments were made from 3-16 Through 9-16 so she offered a trial. So as we speak. I am going to court to fight my case. I just wanted everyone to know there is hope...if you get the right company to help you. So if yohr in desparate need please go to YouTube and find the little man with a black hat explain how to eliminate your payday loan debt in less than 2 hours. Very much a legitimate company. With a Stellar team. Thank You from the bottom of my heart....Teresa L. from Morristown, TN

I am so sorry you had this issue with the other payday loan consolidation company. Their name is so close to ours it was worrying me. Honestly we are glad we can help no matter whose client you are. TY so much for letting us know about a good job!

They did exactly what they said they would do. Everything went smooth and no more payday loan debt for me!! Thanks guys

by Kirk Ellis on Payday Loan Debt Relief

These guys were honest and did exactly what they said they would do. I couldn't be happier.

Retired teacher

I really appreciate your help in my time of need. Very kind, honest, and considerate. I don't know what I would of done. Fast and effective.

The girls who work here are quick and efficient. But also have built a rapport with many lenders because we get them paid and get the client out of the trap.

Yeah, payday loan consolidation it worked.

I got in over my head, long story short. I was incredibly skeptical about this payday loan relief program, but it seemed like a better option than trying to dodge payday lenders for the next several years.Everything is straightforward about their program. These people were helpful, professional, and friendly. I was embarrassed to call at first, but they really put my mind at ease during the first call. I just got my confirmation e-mail saying I'm done with the program. I hope to never use their services again. I do mean this in the most positive way possible. No more payday loans for me.

Thank you so much for your comment about our service Mike! We are glad to help those who really need it.

David and his team are awesome. I don't know what I would have done without them. You guys rock!!!

Thank you very much for your kind words! We work very hard to get these lenders paid and keep clients from going broke in the meantime. We appreciate your trust in us!

by Alyson Fort on Payday Loan Debt Relief
Thank you for your Help!

My financial life was in shambles! I'm so grateful to David and his staff for helping me. I feel better to know they are handling my affairs! Thank you for your help! You literally saved my life!

Thank you Alyson! All lenders were handled quickly and I am glad we were able to stop them.

These folks have been great to work with, I am almost done with my plan and I couldn't recommend them more. I was so stressed out before and this has helped so much. Things are still tight financially but at least now I don't have these loans hanging over me and can start to repay some of my other debt.

We really appreciate your trust in our service.

by Sharon Prater on Payday Loan Debt Relief

By the time I found David my finances were in shambles due to the loans mess I got myself into. I had just divorced and was left with a big financial disaster to clean up. I was stressed and crying by the time I spoke with David. He calmed my fears, told me it would be alright and worked with my budget. It's still rough seeing a big chunk of money coming out my checks every month but in Oct 2015 I will be done, and payday loan Free! David and his staff are the real deal. Thank you for working with me, being patient and understanding the struggle.

Thank you very much Sharon!! We appreciate your compliment.

Super helpful

I'm getting there with David's help. amazing!

We really appreciate your trust in our firm! Thank you

Thank-you so much

I thought I was a hopeless case. So many payday loans, even David was shocked! But he agreed to help me and I couldn't be more grateful.

It's been about a year since I first reached out to David and its been great. I am counting down the months until I am totally debt free!

Thank-you David & staff for your support and help!

So many people come to us thinking there is no way out but honestly there really is. It takes work but we will get everyone who comes to us out of the payday loan trap. We thank you for your trust in us Fran!

Getting out of payday loan debt

Thanks for the help. Im so glad im finally out of debt.

So glad we can help!

So Thankful

David and his Company are Awesome, he worked with me since day one I am so grateful, David made those annoying callers go away and makes you feel in charge of your money again I do recommend David and his team great Company .
Silvia from Houston Tx

We really appreciate your kind words Silvia! Thank you so much.

Payday Loan Debt Relief

David and his Company are awesome, he worked with me from day one, I felt safe with him, I was never overcharged he worked with my budget, he made those annoying calls go away and I feel so relief thank you David for your support and I do recommend this Company (Houston Tx)
Silvia R

We appreciate you putting your trust in our firm Silvia. Our team works very hard and they also appreciate your kind words.

Best idea ever!!

David is my life savor. I couldn't believe the mess I got myself into. I was do stressed but David told me not to worry. He made it easy and affordable for my budget and was always there if I had a question or problem. Hands down the best decision!

Sometimes in life we make good decisions and sometimes bad ones. We here at Payday Loan Debt Relief are glad choosing us was the best decision. In an age where there are many bad apples in the debt industry some shine through like our firm. We take this job seriously and look forward to helping more and more people every day. Thank you Erin for trusting us.

Huge Relief!

Thank-you David & the entire staff! I was literally drowning in payday debt. I know i got myself into the situation, but David has never made me feel embarrassed or talked down to me. The harassing phone calls stopped almost immediately, and even those few I got after I signed on with PDLR, one quick email or call to David had them stopping! I have been on the program for almost 5 months now and I could not be happier with the attention and service I get from David & his staff! I am so glad I finally made the decision to get help, and that I picked the right partner to help me!

Hi Fran and thank you for your very kind words! I know personally from having debt it can be very stressful and I and the others here are happy this was a smooth process for you.

Peace of Mind

Thank you. David. 3 of 3. I'm so glad that I made the decision to end the torture. Too many of us want to remain compliant with lenders even though the terms are ridiculous. Your service is absolutely beneficial and provides peace of mind. What appeared to be seemingly impossible odds became possible with you and your team.

Gina, thank you so very much for putting your trust in us! We knocked out all your lenders in record time. Some take more work than others and working with you was very pleasant! thank you again.

Dave and PLDR are the best

Dave Schmidt told me what he could do. I was skeptical at the onset, but once PLDR started making the payments, the harassing calls (for the most part) stopped. It wasn't Dave's fault that one lender kept calling. They just enjoyed being annoying. I had five loans and keeping my payments on the exact schedule Dave set up took awhile, but all debts have been satisfied. If you are in the Payday Loan trap, call Dave at PLDR and get out from under it - by paying it off thru this excellent company. It's for real and ended lots of stress. No more payday loans for this writer. So it's not too late. Call Dave and get your life back on track. Thanks Dave and PLDR.

Hey Ron, Most people are skeptical and that's understandable. Glad we were able to get your loans paid and you back on track!!


I just wanted to say a huge big to David Schmidt and all involved at PLDR. October 2013 I signed up after searching the internet for help with my payday loans. I didn’t know even if this company was real…it seemed TOO good to be true. What a big sigh of relief to know not only was this company legit, they would get me out of this trap for good. I bugged Mr. Schmidt often, and he assured me that he worked for me. Heck yeah, he did! This man is an amazing legal mind who loathes seeing anyone trapped in the financial, emotional, and lying tailspin that is a payday loan. I owed THOUSANDS to these people, but David saved me at least that much. I paid whatever I could, and any extra that I could. I got done early-before the scheduled time, and thank God. Although I will never need David’s services again I am totally grateful that he was there and worked so hard to help me as he helps others. Beware the temptations of payday loans, but IF you have them and want to get out from under them PLEASE give David a call.
C. Hardy

What can I say Calisa but thank you so much for you trust in our company.

by Netasha F. on Payday Loan Debt Relief
Thank You...

I was under a great deal of stress when I contacted David.. David you are heaven sent. I know that I had many payday loan accounts and It may have been overwhelming. Again thanks for your help.I'll recommend you to anyone that needs help

Some files are overwhelming sure but we are quite happy that we are able to knock out all your lenders and get them all paid off quickly. No more payday loan...

Thank You

I want to give a big thanks to David Schmidt,everything he told me he would do happened. No only did he get me out from under the payday loans I had, but he also educated me on some of the tricks these people use. For anyone who is struggling , I highly recommend this service. Thanks again David.

I found myself drowning in the payday loan trap & I cannot thank David Schmidt enough for helping me get out. I can finally breathe a sigh of relief knowing my paycheck isnt all going toward extending payday loans. David you are a true LIFESAVER!

Thank you very much for saying so Brandon and we appreciate your trust! Really, glad we were able to get you and your family out of the "payday loan trap"

Awesome Across The Board!

Got into trouble trying to help my mother who is ill. Her needs escalated and I got overwhelmed almost instantly. The program they put me on fit my needs perfectly! I highly recommend! The program was easy to follow and painless!

Thanks so much!

We really appreciate your business and your trust in our firm.

Life Saving -Literally!

Memorial Day weekend 2009, I suffered a brain aneurysm/stroke and there started to the accumulation of bills. Foolishly I was lead to believe that using Payday Loans could help float me until I got back on my feet. Instead, what happened was more stress and headache that manifested into more health problems. With one phone call to David, I began to feel immediate relief! Even afterwards when the lenders still wanted to try & call,David SHUT THEM DOWN!! God bless you David, PDLR gave me life back!

I had no idea you had such trouble in the past but I am so glad we were able to help you with your payday loan debt!

by Yolanda Yvette on Payday Loan Debt Relief
Incredible Service, thank you!

To say that I was in way over my head when I called David is an understatement. After reading reviews on payday loan consolidation scams, I was incredibly skeptical at first. I am pleased to say that reaching out to David was quite possibly the best decision I've made thus far. He is very calm, professional, and honest. I am beyond satisfied with the level of service and care that this firm has provided so far! I am sincerely grateful for their efforts. Honest businesses are hard to come by, they're truly the needle in a haystack!

We truly enjoy being able to resolve these payday loan debts for all our clients. These can be really tough to do at times but it doesn't matter how tough it is when we are helping people get back on track or paying real bills like rent, feed their children etc. Thank you so much for your kind words Yolanda!

by Linelle Diggs on Payday Loan Debt Relief

I was hysterical when I called David at Payday Loan Consolidation. I am a retired 70 year old and was without enough food and very little gas for my car, and overdrawn at my bank. I expected my next check to be taken by a payday loan group. David first calmed me down and then helped me find a way out of the hole I had gotten myself into. David was prompt in responding to any questions I had during the process. He was very professional and thorough. I am so grateful this service is available.

Linelle, I want to thank you for putting your trust in our firm. Sometimes having many payday loans can be quite overwhelming and I am glad we are able to get you back on track and get these lenders paid off. Thank you again!

by Sandra Ali on Payday Loan Debt Relief
Payday Loan Relief Program

When my daughter gave me your number I was a basket case ! Over my head in debt with an in store loan of $3,000.00. they were going into my bank account every time I got paid.. David , you saved my life!!! When I called you I was not sure how or even if you could or would help me. I had tried another Payday relief program but they were so unsatisfactory and only took my money for their fees and never applied any of it to the loan. You met all my needs David.. Even when I gave you misinformation You never gave up on me !!! Thank You!!!! You are wonderful David,! And you even got me an early pay-off !!!!!! THANK YOU DAVID !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow Sandra, we are so glad we were able to get you out of the payday loan trap! Thank you so much for such kind words!

out of debt

One year of paying payday loans and not paying down any principle. I came across david and 6 months later I am out of payday hell.

This is the point that we try to make with clients. You can pay a loan back at 1000% for over a year and pay very little back to your payday loan debt. Our payday loan help will payback your balance owed and that's it. Thank you Brian for your Review! It was great working with you and we are so glad you are out of "payday loan debt"

Huge relief!

I found out about David and his company from another local company. I knew if they recommended him, that I could trust his company. After talking to him the first time, I felt immediate relief because I could tell I found someone who could actually help me out of this payday loan nightmare I had been living in! He was shocked at how much I owed but never acted like that was a problem. Thank you to David and his company for offering real help to people like me who have gotten themselves in this mess!

Kristen, thank you very much for putting your confidence and trust in our payday loan consolidation program. We are very pleased it got you back on track.


I am so thankful for this company in helping me get my finances back on track. Things were in ruins and could not pay my bills due to the pay day loans I had. Thanks to David and PDLR I can see the light of day!


Angela, thank you so much for your kind words. As I mentioned before, these are not easy to do but we work very hard for each and every client.


Big help, big time

I wanted to convey how much David and PDLR helped me out of my no win financial predicament was a blessing. After consolidating my loans, I no longer had to worry about the negotiating of paying down the loans with the lenders who were all too happy to stay in my pocket, in spite of having made their original loan back 3 fold. Once all was turned over to David, I was able to make an affordable repayment schedule and get back necessary breathing room on paydays to start being responsible again vs reactionary. I offer my sincere thanks to David in the role he played in helping me out. Give PDLR a try, you won't soon regret it.

Thank you so much for your very kind compliment Gary! You are the reason we work so hard to make sure our clients get exactly what they need. It's always a pleasure when what we do makes a huge impact on someones life. Thanks again Gary.

by Ryan Smith on Payday Loan Debt Relief
great help

Thanks David for getting me out of the payday loan merry go round!!

It certainly is a merry go round indeed! You are very welcome Ryan! Thanks for your trust in our service.

Plain Green Lenders

Thanks to David for helping me get rid of these darn pay day loans!!!

Your very welcome Kerri. Even though you only had two lenders Plain Green and Great Plains this program was able to get you out of debt quickly. And we are very glad to help you.

by Cindy Williams on Payday Loan Debt Relief
Great Payday Loan Consolidation program

Thanks to David I'm payday loan free... You help me so much and saved me a lot, you are too good to be true. Keep it up you are well needed. 🙂

You are so very welcome Cindy! We appreciate you putting your trust in our payday loan consolidation program and we thank you for your business.


I was at an ends with payday loans. Bankruptcy was looking like the only way out. Which was a no way out for me! I am glad to have found someone taking on the payday loan companys to help borrowers pay their loans back and regain financial freedom.

David and Team.

We are fortunate our program works so well that people can avoid bankruptcy. Thank you Angela for believing in us and our payday loan program.


David Schmidt's company provided the best support when I needed it most. What a genuine person who truly put me first when I was in panic mode!! I took out payday loans thinking "no problem" but boy was it a BIG PROBLEM! I received harassing calls and my privacy felt so threatened. The first time I spoke to David, he put my WORRIES at ease. He handled the entire situation and got me out of the payday loan debt while providing affordable payments. Thank you David for all you did. You are terrific!! Call David immediately if you are in payday loan debt.

Michelle, we are so happy that we were able to truly get you out of the payday loan trap! Thank you so much for your kind words!!

by C. Buchanan on Payday Loan Debt Relief
On My Way...

David is a rock star!
I was tired and worn down from the paycheck to paycheck scramble - trying to pay just fees, let alone being able to pay the principle down. I found David and he has truly improved my quality of life! I am on my way to getting out of PDL Purgatory - and I could not appreciate David's help more! He is fast, efficient, and just what I needed when I couldn't find a way out. Don't waste another minute stressing through a pay day or digging a deeper hole - call him today and get on your way out!

We at Payday Loan Debt Relief are really happy we can make such a major difference in someones financial situation. Thank you so much for your kind words!

Hardest working payday loan consolidation company

There are so many companies out there that do whatever they can for themselves and forget that it's about you as the consumer. Every once and awhile you stumble upon a company that remembers who it is all about. David is amazing, doing all he can to work with us and we are just at the start of things. thank you David for all your kindness and all your help.

That is really so nice of you to say that. This payday loan consolidation business can be really hard work, but when a client really gets the help they need or really appreciate your hard work it makes everything so worth it. Thank you so very much for your more than kind words Nalo.

One word: Awesome!

I was in PDLs over my head. David not only made arrangements I could afford, but was able to offer good advice when I received a scam call about a loan. Saved my skin twice! Honest, professional, and reliable; what more could you ask!

Hi Brian and thank you for your very kind words. We are close to the end on your file so anything you need you let us know.

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  • Angie


    Having severe medical issues that began in 2009, left my finances in turmoil. Foolishly, and desperate at the time, I thought pay day loans would be a quick fix….WRONG!! But thanks to David and his crew, I was able to heal both physically and financially. i can breathe again! Gotta love these guys!!


    • David Schmidt


      Thank you so much Angela! We are so glad we could get you out of the payday loan trap that most people get stuck in.


  • Lisa


    I dug myself into a major hole. David and PLDR have helped me to dig myself out. I will NEVER get in that situation again. As I told David, they are the BOMBDIGGITY!!! Thank you!!!


    • David Schmidt


      Thank you so much Lisa! We are very happy to have been able to help you out of the trap.


  • john darrah


    What can i say that hasn’t already been said by all these testimonials, thank God I found payday loan debt relief. I was too was drowning in payday loan debt, and never thought I would be able to pay them back with their high interest rates, there was no light at the end of the tunnel, but David did a wonderful job in getting my finances in order, and it took me one year to get out of debt and have all these loans paid, I highly recommend pldr to anyone who has payday loan debts and is looking for a way out, well this is the answer believe me.


    • David Schmidt


      I really appreciate your comment about our service. As you know dealing with these companies as a consumer is not easy but we are glad to be able to help out and get these paid off.


  • Savannah


    I started this process and have been so excited I’m getting really scared and worried since I have called another consolidation company four times and I haven’t got a returned phone any advice or encouragement is appreciated if this is legitimate I’m excited I will post more later with a update


    • David Schmidt


      More lenders work with us and lenders who wont work with others will work with us. We have been in business longer than any other firm and thats a fact. Our reputation and legitimacy is not even an issue as its quite high with all lenders. Our clients get faster and better service as well. We do not keep people waiting who need help either. If you called 4 times to this other firm and havent received a call back you are wasting your time and you want to cancel that firm and call us we would be happy to speak to you. I also pulled out the links you put in for their site.


  • Leslie C


    I look forward to working with everyone in the near future. It makes me feel more secure with all these positive remarks. I’m always nervous about things, but all the positive remarks has been uplifting and I will be calling real soon to start the program. Thanks Debi for explaining things look forward to speaking with you soon.


    • David Schmidt


      We really appreciate your confidence and we will do a great job for you! Most people are nervous but they find out we are the real deal and help anyone who needs it.


  • Leslie J.


    Im looking forward to someone helping me advance in getting my life back on track.


    • David Schmidt


      We will do just that, get your “payday loan debt” in control very quickly. All lenders work with us. Call us with any questions.


  • Alisa


    Need help


    • David Schmidt


      We can help! Sooner you call us the better. we can stop the interest and fees quickly.


  • Melissa Schley


    No light at the end of the tunnel it seems…please help


    • David Schmidt


      Melissa there is definitely light at the end of the tunnel. We will help you. Please call us.


  • Wendy Shinhoster


    I am in over my head with payday loans and now I am unable to pay them and my regular monthly bills.


    • David Schmidt


      Call us asap, we can stop the interest right away and you will be able to pay your other bills much easier.


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