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Clients in our program get the benefit of having a much lower payment and eliminating the high interest and fees in order to pay off their debts in much shorter period of time then doing it on their own. Over the years we have built a solid reputation and numerous relationships with management or the decision makers of these companies. We are one of the few companies that starts paying lenders back quickly instead of making the payday lenders wait for a few months before receiving payments. Below are just a few of the payday loan settlements and settlement letters we have received. We have thousands of them but we listed here a few of the more difficult ones to show we work with anyone.

Cash Call Settlement This company is not really a payday lender but more of a signature loan company. On this one the client was able to get us to stop the interest and save quite a bit of money. Most people are unaware if you borrow $2500.00 from Cash Call or Western Sky you will have paid back over $14,000.00 when your all said and done.  They clearly list the rates on their site which makes this a very expensive loan and in this settlement we listed we saved the client over $9,000 in payments.

Cash Direct Express Settlement    On this agreement the client owed more than $642.00 but we were able to resolve the account for $300.00.  So needless to say we have a very happy client on this one.

Cash Jar Settlement We have worked with this lenders for a few years now and they also own Cash Yes as well.

Cash Web USA  This lender Cash Web USA works with very few consolidation companies besides ours. The problem is most companies make lenders wait for payment for months at a time and are third party companies. This model does not work well at all. As you will see from this arrangement our client has a balance of $603.30 and we were able to get it down to $250.00. That is a savings of over 50%!!

Check N Go       Check N Go has thousands of storefront locations throughout the US as well as internet based lending options. They can issue both payday loans and installment loans. Most people recognize their ads  for loaning $2500.00 which is a signature loan or installment loan. These are similar to Cash Call’s loans and are quite expensive. But, we are fortunate to have a strong repayment history with Check N Go and have been able to reduce the amount our clients owe from 25% to 75% off the clients balance. This particular client owed over $3200.00 and we were able to reduce it down to $1475.00.

National Group    This balance started out at $510.00 and we were able to resolve it for $390.00 which is what the client borrowed.

Plain Green   This company normally offers signature loans or installment loans which can be very costly as well. This particular one has a relatively low balance but is shown due to the fact Plain Green doesn’t normally work with  a lot of payday loan consolidation firms. People that come to us with Plain Green loans are very happy and shocked we are able to resolve these types of loans. But again, we do not make lenders wait for two or three months before working with them.

The Cash Store       This company offers installment loans similar to Plain Green, Check N Go and Cash Call.  The problem most people aren’t aware of is you can pay exactly what you borrow in a fee just to borrow the money plus the interest.

United Cash Loans   We are very proud to have this settlement to show our clients because United Cash Loans tells every client they will not and do not participate in any type of payday loan consolidation program out there. So, we must be doing something right!

The VIP Loan Shop  We have great success with this company and have been working with them for many years getting our clients out of debt on their loans. But they asked us to not put up agreements so we are respecting that wish.

The above are just a few of the hundreds of agreements we have on file for our clients. Bear in mind these agreements are based on certain factors such as how the long the client had the loans, how much they borrowed and their repayment history. No no one can promise you will pay less than what you borrowed but no one works harder than to get these resolutions set up for our clients. We take over the debts which puts the debt in our name and the main focus is to pay back what is owed and stop the interest and fees.  As you can clearly see we are highly successful in what we do. Until someone stops these high rates or interest and fees we are here to help each and every client that comes to us. Our payday loan consolidation program is one that really works and has been rated the highest of all our clients.

More often than not, we see people who can’t pay their rents, bills or feed their families due to lenders taking money out of their accounts on payday which leaves so many people destitute and we are very proud to be able to offer them a legitimate and affordable way to get their paychecks back and pay these loans off. We are proud to present the payday loan settlement letters for your review.

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  • Angie Posey


    Between me and my husband we are drowning in payday loans and installment loans that total around $20,000. We have not been able to pay on most for awhile while others come out of checking account every two weeks. We just want to pay them all off and never go back. Can you please help us?


    • David Schmidt


      Of course we can help you Angie. We work with all payday lenders and most installment lenders. We are here at the office now if you can call us so we can provide you with a savings quote.


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