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payday loan laws in Nevada

If you live in Nevada you must know your rights regarding payday loans laws

The state of Nevada has long been known for taking a poor location and making the best out of it. The real estate market was good for many years in the years prior to the economic recession in 2008. Since then, many people have had to lose their homes because their mortgage was under water. Many others have a huge loss of net worth due to the collapse of their property costs. Many poorer people are turning to payday loans in order to fill the gap that their real estate woes have caused. Many of the politicians have started to develop Nevada payday loan laws in order to protect many of the citizens suffering from these problems.

Nevada Payday Loan Laws for Licensing

When determining the effectiveness of Nevada payday loan laws, one must first debate licensing arrangements. In many cases, the licensing agreements are very lenient and in others they are strict, but Nevada seems to be a bit of an anomaly. Even though the state has a rigorous vetting process for any new company that wants to lend money, there are still many different online lenders in the state that operate with a license. This may stem from the huge demand for payday loan debt or the fact that many of the companies are actually founded and headquartered in the state of Nevada.

Either way, some of the licensed companies in Nevada include “CashCentral”, “CheckCity”, “ChecknGo”, “PayDayOne”, “QLoot”, and “SpeedyCash”. All of these online lenders have a very effective track record, but there are still questions about why so many are needed.

Finance and Fees for Nevada Payday Loan Laws

The laws in Nevada, despite what the licensing agreements might show, are sometimes surprisingly consumer friendly. However, the maximum loan amount that is allowed in the state is probably one of the main reasons why lenders love the state so much. They allow borrowers to get 25% of their gross monthly income in a single payday loan. For those making very little money this can be useful. However, there are many people that can borrow over $500 – 1000 with the use of this rule. This creates an incentive for companies to include high interest rates and ensnare people into paying for a long period of time. Nonetheless, the state of Nevada has tried to offer better service to consumers, but it is up to you to decide what is right.

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Comments (2)

  • Pat McConaha


    This one hits home with my Father-in-law. He bought a home in Fernley, NV in 2006 for $140,000. It’s now worth maybe $90,000. He probably couldn’t even sell it for 70k. Very sad state of affairs. Great to see you spreading your wings of help across the country. Keep up the great work of helping with this epidemic, David.



    • David Schmidt


      Hi Pat, yes the economic down turn we have been facing has cause many property owners to become upside down in regards to their equity. It is sad although I know property is still a sound investment and just need to ride out investment on a long term basis. I am too, very glad we have a serious program to tackle a serious issue. I am seeing a lot of fly by night consolidation companies popping up to cash in but not offering a real service as they are getting people sued by holding on to their money too long and not having any type of relationship or workings with the lenders. Most lenders wont deal with anyone so again we are lucky because we built a relationship with the lenders and can do what we say we will do for our clients.


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